Report writing (tailor-made)

Target Group

Master, Chief Officer, 2nd Officer, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, ETO



To practice applying situational communication strategies with a good timing to influence others positively in challenging situations:

  • Increasing your awareness of situational concerns and know how to inform others properly;
  • Prioritizing your tasks to know when to address concerns timely and to have enough time for communication;
  • Practice your communication skills when working in teams;
  • Apply communication tools to manage challenging situations;
  • Adapt report writing skills to get your message across in a timely manner



Use cases and active report writing, guided self-studies, feedback guaranteed



Remote: 2 x 0.5 day (2 x 3.5 hours) with ‘homework’ in between

F2F:       8 hours with a long break for ‘homework’

Date Location Price
22 Apr – 23 Apr 2024 14:00-12:00 None Contact Us