Benefit from our Learning Culture

nsb academy team discussing maritime training and support at the table
Team up for a collaborative learning

Good for your people - Good for your organization

To support each other in navigating complexity and change, in adopting new approaches to enhance job-related skills, leadership and decision making. To sharpen (leadership) skills by challenging and developing everyone’s self-awareness and understanding their impact on others. To expand perspectives and unlock the thinking through a transformational journey across interfaces – and achieve this way enhanced safety standards. To fuel up a collaborative mindset, harness the power of diversity, and maximize performance within our cooperation. To develop the confidence to effectively deal with QHSE topics as well as with other stake holders of the industry.


Our Team

Capt. Morten Magnil - Lead Instructor, NSB-academy
Capt. Morten Magnil

Lead Instructor

Ankit Acharya - Maritime Instructor Sailed as 2nd Officer, NSB-academy
Ankit Acharya

Maritime Instructor
Sailed as 2nd Officer

Caroline Baumgaertner - VP People and Talent Development, nsb-academy
Caroline Baumgärtner

VP People and Talent Development

Tatyana Kladko - Coordinator, NSB-academy
Tatyana Kladko

Supervisor Sales Operations and Back Office Management

Nadine Ehlers - Coordinator NSB-academy
Nadine Ehlers

Coordinator NSBacademy

Aditi Das - Learning Experience Advisor, NSB-academy
Aditi Das

Learning Experience Advisor

Capt. Thaddeus J. Bonghanoy - Career Manager NSB in Manila
Capt. Thaddeus J. Bonghanoy

Career Manager NSB in Manila

Julie-Ann-Saballa Technical Trainer in Manila Sailed as 2nd Engineer, NSB-academy
Julie Saballa

Technical Trainer NSB in Manila
Sailed as 2nd Engineer

GRM Authorization

GRM aims at increasing safety, efficiency and job satisfaction - both onboard and ashore.

DNV Management System

NSBacademy is one of 129 maritime training centers in the world holding the certification as a Maritime Training Center and Maritime Simulation Center.