Enhancing Safety Leadership: When to exercise authority that ensures safety (group training)

Target Group

Master, Chief Officer, Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer, Junior Officer & Engineer



To ramp up situational awareness and apply to communication strategiesto influence other positively:

  • Creating meaning of the Human Element factors and what it means for teamwork on board;
  • Comprehending that people make errors for various reasons and paying attention to those within the daily chores and unusual circumstances;
  • Keeping the barriers strong and the team spirit up, even in critical situations;
  • Encouraging effective management of resources to foster compliance;
  • Improving communication and performing so safe operating standard procedures.
  • Understanding the Rasmussen Model of Dynamic Safety that describes Safety as a dynamic aspect that continuously evolves based on commercial pressure and HESS margins.



1 or 2 days (note: Rasmussen Model in the 2-day course only)

There are currently no scheduled dates for this learning. Please contact us if
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