Bridging gaps – leading multi-cultural and multi-generational teams

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Efficient collaboration stands as a cornerstone for ensuring safe and successful operations on board. Particularly within safety critical work environments, the competence and motivation of team members are paramount, driving them to deliver their utmost performance while remaining goal-oriented. Managing a team with members from various cultural backgrounds and different age groups can be challenging. In the pursuit of productive and positive results, situational leadership and empowering the team by giving the team members what they need to succeed and emerge as a vital component.

Keeping in mind the cultural map, the generational gap and difference in thinking let’s step in and step up:

  • What strategies yield the most effective team management outcomes?
  • How can team members be motivated to consistently perform at their peak potential?
  • When analyzing attitudes, how can one navigate the task of modifying team members’ behaviors while respecting diverse cultural backgrounds and values?
  • How to bridge the cultural and generational gaps?


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